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We. Love. Coffee. Here's how we do it - with links to the best gear.

Brew Great Coffee Every time. Here's How:

Life is too short to drink bad coffee. So don't. Have fun with it. Especially when great coffee takes a few extra seconds. Or does it?

Believe it or not, you can brew just as well, if not better, than your favorite coffee shop.

Small choices make a big difference when it comes to coffee brewing, and let's face it, for us coffee drinkers, this is the best part of the day. So lets do it right. We took the time to prepare a full list for you. Here is the gear and mini-guide with Pro-Tips that can help you brew the best coffee now.



You can't make great coffee without a great coffee maker. Makes sense. That's why our pick is the serial award-winning Moccamaster by Technivorm.

This is a great investment in your coffee experience. Ours has been brewing for over 12 years with no issues to speak of. Why is the coffee maker so important? The temperature of the water is key. It has to be just right. And this coffeemaker is known for brewing the perfect temperature - every time. We prefer the thermal carafe model, but if you like your coffee continuing to heat up after its brewed, then go with the glass model. Simple to use, not a lot of buttons and options. PRO TIP: Use quality filtered water at all times.


Our pick for Best Coffee Maker: Technivorm Moccamaster


BARATZA GRINDERS: Pick up the Baratza and you can tell straight away that it was built to last. It has a weight to it that makes it feel indestructible - like something you can hand down for generations to come. Coffee shops use it in their cafes and baristas use it at home - that should tell you something. If you buy ground coffee you are missing out. Grinding your own beans is a key component to great, fresh tasting coffee. Try it and never go back. You can also play with different grinds to decide which is better for your personal taste. We like it finely ground to extract every bit of taste! The Baratza allows you to grind with infinite adjustments. So easy to use.


Our Pick for Best Coffee Grinder: Baratza:


GOOD BEANS: It makes a big difference. Have fun with it and try a variety.

FLAVOR: Make sure you read the flavor notes and see if the description is what your into. Caramel, Chocolate, Spices, Nutty flavors, Citrus...pick the one that fits your taste.

ROAST: Light, Medium, Dark and variations in between. How do you like it? Try different ones until you find whats right for you. Our pick: Medium Roast.

CAFFEINE: Not many people know this as it seems counterintuitive, but for the most part dark roast has less caffeine and light roast has more caffeine! I know.

DECAF: If you drink decaf coffee, look for water-process decaffeinated; it removes caffeine without chemicals.

QUALITY: You get what you pay for. Whenever possible, choose organic, fair-trade beans.

PRO TIP: How much coffee? Use a + 2TB COFFEE SPOON + and try different amounts of coffee in your brew until you find whats right for you! This makes a major difference! We usually put a bit less than suggested - you save on coffee, consume less caffeine and potentially get to (comfortably) drink a bit more coffee.


Our Pick: Vermont Coffee Company Medium Roast


MELITTA FILTERS: Choose unbleached coffee filters when you can. And of course, choose the right shape and fit for your coffee maker. These fit the Technivorm Moccamaster that we recommend.

PRO TIP: just after the water starts to touch the coffee grinds, carefully give the grinds a quick and gentle stir. Be careful, it will be very hot!


Our pick: Melitta Unbleached Coffee Filters



You need a good coffee cup to keep your coffee hot. Even if you are drinking it at home! Mugs are super cool, but they don't keep coffee hot for very long. So unless you drink it super fast - which is kinda weird and we don't suggest it, then choose a thermal tumbler like the Yeti, its a life changing event and you won't go back to mugs - ever. Unless you like lukewarm coffee, then you will.

BONUS: having the lid alleviates most potential spills from jarring the cup around - say, when a wild dog or child bumps your arm on the couch. Yeti is available in so many colors and sizes. Choose what's best for you.

PRO TIP: For extra hot coffee, fill the YETI with hot water while your coffee is brewing. Just before adding your fresh hot coffee dump the hot water. This will warm up your thermal cup and keep the coffee extra hot!

PRO TIP: If you use sugar put it in the cup just before pouring the coffee in - you still need to stir, but this makes it easier and quicker.

ADVANCED: If you are a coffee superstar (and only if you are a superstar) put the perfect sugar measurement in the empty brewing carafe just before brewing your coffee! Warning: this only works if everyone drinking the coffee from that batch agrees with having that same level of sugar.


Our Pick: Yeti Tumbler


We tried to compile an easy list with simple links and tips to brewing. We hope that you find it helpful. If you like it, please SUBSCRIBE and SHARE with others. Please let us know in the comments if we missed anything! Thanks for reading and enjoy your coffee!



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