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2021 BMW R1250RT

The New R1250RT looks mostly the same, but has made some significant improvements to its formula. Most noticeable is the massive new 10.25" TFT color screen that now shows much more usable data all in one place - rather than having to use 2 different screens as before - a much cleaner design. It also sports a new LED headlamp with turning functionality and many technical updates as standard such as BMW Full Integral ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and new ECO riding mode. Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) is standard and Active Cruise Control (ACC) with integrated distance control is an option. There are also some changes to the fairing and new paint options but the overall bike maintains its boxer engine with ShiftCam and 136hp.

The bike is just hitting showrooms, but you can check out BMW's Press Release in this like HERE

OR, visit BMW's site and have a blast building your own HERE

Check out an unboxing here:

Or a more detailed discussion here:


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