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Honda Proves Big Fun Can Be Quite Small.

What is miniMOTO?

Honda has been making some really cool stuff with their MiniMOTO Category. This collection of bikes now includes 4 total options for those seeking entry-level, 2-wheeled thrills. That includes the: Grom, Monkey, Super Cub 125 and Trail 125.

All use 125 cc engines.

The New 2022 Grom

For 2022 Honda has made some updates to the Grom. What did they change? They added a cool digital instrument cluster, a fifth gear, new seat, new designs and a little extra zip in the motor from some technical tweaks.

Our Take on miniMOTO

We've ridden all the miniMotos and even owned the Super Cub. We can vouch for their agility and fun level. Each of the 4 are unique and you really have to sit on - and preferably ride - them to choose a favorite.

Perhaps the largest differences between them are the fact that the Grom and Monkey have a clutch, while the Super Cub 125 and Trail 125 utilize 4 speed semiautomatic transmissions.

Take the Grom...

That said, from our perspective, the Grom is probably the bike that always has a place in your garage, no matter how many others you own - again, personal preference.

Its so easy to ride, you feel very much in control and you can flick it around wherever you please. The price is low, the seat is low and approaching it just feels good. If you are a new rider, it offers a great platform for you to start riding and learning the clutch and gears without being intimidated by the power, weight or stance of a much larger bike.

If you are an experienced rider, you enjoy it because of the refreshing reminder of what fun you can have with a 125cc that only weighs 227 lbs.

Or one of the others....

All that considered, if you don't want a clutch, and never will, then perhaps the Super Cub or Trail 125 are a better bet. Also very fun, and not having to think about the clutch can be very cool sometimes - we agree.


If you are already an experienced rider and want to feel transformed to your childhood or want something to buzz around town on, try a miniMOTO. If you are a new rider, don't be afraid to start smaller with any of these rigs. Either way, you won't regret checking them out!

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