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The Honda Trail 125 ABS is a throwback to the original and an absolute blast to ride.

There should be space in your garage for something like this.

Easy, light, reliable and usable. Start it and go. And the best part is that anyone can ride it. Want to teach someone who's nervous about bikes? This is a great starting point. It has gears, but no clutch, which makes it fun to shift without the hassle. Feel like a pro right out of the gate.

Take this thing anywhere. With just 125cc, its enough to get going, but hardly enough to cause trouble. So from Pros to beginners, you can still appreciate the Honda 125 Trail.

Key Stats:

  • Fuel injected

  • 125cc

  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • ABS

  • Four Speed Semi-Aut0

  • Seat Height 31.5 inches

  • 259 lbs

  • Hope you like red...

Further Reading:

Visit Honda's Website HERE.


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