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Super Easy, Portable and Fun: Bonfires For Everyone.

We've seen this before... True, everyone's seen it - but maybe they haven't. We wanted to post about it because we personally own one and we have our own thoughts and feelings about it! We've already recommended it to friends and family for over a year now and everyone that bought it absolutely loves it.

Okay, so what makes it cool?

Plop this down in your yard and neighbors and friends just flock to your house like "The Salmon of Capistrano!" (Thats a Jim Carrey reference from the movie Dumb and Dumber for those who know...and if you don't know, go watch the movie now, seriously).

We had this simple little "fun cylinder" outside, started a fire, grabbed some 'mallows and immediately kids and parents were smiling. S'mores and drinks all around. Solo Stove claims its also smokeless - and yes, it does eliminate most smoke as compared to regular pits.

Size, Weight, Portability, Accessories:

Its small enough to move around your yard or bring to a friends house. Instead of a fixed position fire pit, or some heavy contraption, this thing can move anywhere. You can even get a carrying case for it. We use it in the front yard, back yard and across the street.

We feel the Bonfire is the goldilocks size, unless you need something much larger - then go for the Yukon, and if you need something much smaller, go for the Ranger. And if you need much, much smaller, go for the camping size ones - but we haven't personally tried those so we can't say much about them.


from solo


Own one? Let us know your thoughts and happy fire pit stories! Do you travel with it? Tell us about it. Are the Camp Stoves any good? We want to know!


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