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Sleek, Fast, Quality E-bikes with Race Mode.

Vintage Electric Bikes started back in 2013 when owner/creator Andrew Davidge was tinkering in his parent's garage. He built some first concepts and it just took off from there. Fast forward 8 years and he's been featured on shows like Jay Leno's Garage and recently partnered with the iconic Shelby USA to create a special Limited Edition Bike.

I have had the pleasure of riding one for extended periods of time and I can report that they are an absolute blast to ride. With so much power on tap, they accelerate like nothing else. Plus, they are one of the few pedal assist bikes on offer with a Thumb Throttle, which makes this beast feel like a silent motorbike. Wear a helmet.


(Model and Settings Dependent)

20-36 MPH

Up to 48V Motor

25-75 Mile Range

2-4.5 Hour Charge Time

5 Throttle Assist Models

2 Pedal Assist Models

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