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BMW M3: M xDrive All Wheel Drive

Its Officially Here: BMW M3 and M4 with M xDrive!

We knew AWD was coming to the mid-size M models and now its been officially announced from BMW with accompanying stats. Call me crazy, but as am M3 enthusiast, for years I've been hoping BMW would add AWD to the M3 - not so much in the older models, but more so in the latest generations as it's become so much more powerful. Plus, this is not your typical All Wheel Drive System, if it were, I might feel differently.

4 Reasons Why We Want xDrive On The M3:

Put the Power Down, Every time

Newer performance cars are getting really powerful (500+ Hp) and benefit from AWD to put the power down to the road in an efficient manner, just like the 911 Turbo has been doing for years. This allows for serious launches and extracting all of the power they can from their mills. BMW is claiming 0-60 in 3.5 seconds - you can bet that is modest.

Better as a Daily Driver

Yes, we can use snow tires - and we still will - but this just adds to the value of the car for most buyers. Especially with the fact that you can turn it on and off - just like the best exhaust systems. If you live in a crazy changing climate like New England, this just makes it a more rounded package.

Switchable to 2WD with Drift Mode

The best of both worlds. I'm sorry, but how can you go wrong? This system is tuned to work perfectly with the characteristics of the car and has no less than 10 different settings for intervention. Set it up how you want: from full assistance to none at all! Yes, there is a weight penalty, but these newer cars are already pretty heavy anyway.

Options - You can just get 2WD only if you want

Good News. BMW has made it easy for customers that don't even want the option of AWD. The first released BMW M3 and M4 only make use of rear wheels for propulsion.

Plus, you can also get a manual in those versions, check out our previous post HERE.

It will be interesting to see the take rate on AWD and Manual M3s and M4s.

For more information visit BMW. Note: at the time of writing this BMW has not yet updated their website to reflect the new models yet.


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