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We Are Brainstorm: Briana and Jason Create Unique Handcrafted Art

What is Brainstorm?

We first discovered Brainstorm years ago at a store called Gus and Ruby, one of our favorite stops in Portsmouth, NH. Since then we have been collecting these amazing prints from Briana and Jason - so we decided to share their work with you today.

Brainstorm is based in New Hampshire and was founded as a design studio and print shop in 2008 by artists Briana Feola and Jason Snyder as an outlet for their creative personalities.

The now married duo has since lived all over the Northeast, and grown their business into prints, puzzles, murals, custom paintings, wrapping paper, special events, branding, illustrations for running press and more.

They've also done work with big names like L.L. Bean, Urban Outfitters, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Patagonia, Timberland, Airstream, Land of Nod and the list goes on.

Check Them Out

They are available in select retail stores across the country from California to Connecticut, you can see the list of stores HERE. Or you can check them out online and see all of their works at one time.

Brainstorm offers many different prints inspired by Jason and Briana's love for the outdoors. Some of these prints are also available as puzzles - which live on a sister website - and are another great way to enjoy their work. They are also manufactured in the USA.

Anything else?

Yes. If you have children, know children, or just love coloring - check out Brainstorm's Free Coloring Pages HERE!


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