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Rodts capture's some of our favorite moments

Forrest Rodts is clearly a talented artist with a love for Nantucket, beaches and the ocean. As a matter of fact, that's where I first discovered his works. While on vacation about 8 years ago on The Island we visited Quidley & Company Fine Art Gallery - an island favorite. Since then we've been enamored by his depictions of certain scenes that look so inviting you want to be transformed into them.

What we love

Here we shared some of our favorites although Rodts paints a variety of different scenes from beaches and beer - to boats and dogs. No matter which one you choose though, theres a common theme that reminds us of summer and extracting every moment of the day for relaxing and having fun - and we love that.

From Forrest Rodts

We reached out to Rodts and he was kind enough to share his thoughts. Heres what Rodts had to say: "My paintings represent for me a continuous study of the complexities of water and light. Because I love sailing, history and all aspects of the ocean and ocean life, these are my subjects. My goal is to be as realistic as possible while telling a story and revealing a mood that the viewer will find appealing and engaging."

For More Information

His bio and more information can be found at the links below. We also like that he has prints available for order online. His works can also be found at Quidley & Company – Nantucket, MA, Westport, CT and Naples, FL.


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