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CyberLandr: A Camping Transformer For Your CyberTruck

What is it?

CyberLandr has designed a multi-room compact Camper for the CyberTruck and it looks funky. Apparently it expands and collapses and can be used in a multitude of ways including camper, shower, bed, kitchen, living room, office and the list goes on.

Do I want one?

That depends. If you ordered a Tesla CyberTruck and need a solution such as this, it might be the time to place a deposit. Current Pre-ordering saves up to 20% off so that's a major bonus. From there the discount dwindles. It certainly seems cool, but clearly there are no reviews yet as it doesn't seem to have been produced.

Some facts we found interesting:

Compact Transformer Style

It can be a kitchen with sinks, drying racks, cutting boards; a living room with climate controls, lighting, TV's, reclining seats; a Bedroom with a queen bed; a bathroom with a radiant heated floor, a shower and a dry flush toilet; or an office with wifi thanks to a StarLink satellite dish.

Early Deposit Savings

Save up to 20% off now by placing a deposit.

Remove and Store

The CyberLandr will have an optional dolly for purchase to make moving it around easy - hopefully. Plus, it can be stored indoors or outside.

Dry Flush Toilets

A bag seals and makes it easy to dispose of waste. Good for about 12-15 flushes per bag.

Recirculating Shower

They say you could hypothetically take an endless hot shower.

No Leveling Needed

Since the Cyber Truck already has this feature.

Vegas Built

CyberLandr is built and designed by Stream It - a Las Vegas Company. Interestingly, when visiting the site, it seems to be a tech company - so this must be a sister company.

Installed at the Tesla Factory

CyberLandr prefers to install the camper on site just after your CyberTruck rolls off the assembly line in Giga, Texas. Or, you can install it yourself.


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