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2023 Range Rover debuts with 7 seat option

Loads of new tech and goodies for Range Rover's 5th iteration icon.

What is it?

The 2023 Land Rover Range Rover has finally debuted its 5th generation model and thankfully it comes with an evolutionary design. You know the formula by now - we see it with other icons like the Porsche 911. Some might be quick to dismiss it as a simple refresh, but this Rover has a few major changes and tweaks that set it apart from previous generations - especially on the inside.

What's changed?

Visually speaking, we felt the new Range Rover looks like a futuristic concept rendering of itself - and we aren't saying that in a negative way - since we've always appreciated the big Rover's look and iconic silhouette.

We only hope Land Rover resists the urge to keep raising the side window profile, as we love the open, airy greenhouse style. Land Rover, if you can hear us, please don't make this into a large Velar....thank you.

Either way, despite what opinions may lurk regarding the Rover's new style, there are changes and improvements aplenty - most of which we list in our highlights section.

Do I want one?

If you wanted one before, you'll want one now - especially if you hoped for a third row. Moreover, if you've been purchasing vehicles in this segment, or considering this segment, we highly recommend trying one.

But be aware, you may never go back.

2023 Range Rover Mini Gallery

Highlights of the new 5th Generation 2023 Range Rover:

4.4 Liter V8 from BMW

Gone is the tired supercharged V8, which is replaced by twin-turbos totaling 523 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. You probably won't drag race your Range Rover, but 0-60 in 4.4 seconds is fairly amazing given its weight and it's always nice to have good pickup in a vehicle.

PHEV in 2023

The new Range Rover was built with electricity in mind! Showing up later will be a new hybrid option offering up to 62 miles of projected EV range.

All Electric in 2024

Later, in 2024 we'll see a fully electric model!

Clear Sight front camera system

Trick system that allows drivers to see the terrain under your car. Imagine if you had an invisible front end....that's the view from the Clear Sight system.

New Platform and Dynamic Response Pro

50% stiffer, which actually creates a better riding vehicle. Plus, LR now offers a new system deemed Dynamic Response Pro which is constantly scanning the road ahead and responding for better comfort.

23-inch wheel option

Thats a big wheel, however, it looks at home on a big vehicle like the RR. That said, if you are planning any off-the-road adventures, or prone to curbing your wheels, you should stick with something smaller. Our personal preference is to have a bit more rubber.

Active Noise Cancellation Headrests

Sounds serene, and possibly unsafe, but we can't wait to test it out.

Rear-wheel steering

Rear-wheel steering is now standard on the Range Rover! Rear wheels can now turn up to 7 degrees to help with agility and lower the turning circle to 36 feet.

3 Foot Wading Depth

Just shy anyway at 35 inches +.

Meridian Signature Sound

34 speakers and a subwoofer. How do they even choose where to place that many speakers?

Spring 2022 deliveries

If you want one of the first ones, start dialing your favorite Land Rover dealer now.

Build yours at:

2023 Range Rover Video

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