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Urban Realist Paintings from a Dallas Forth Worth Genius.

About 15 years ago I was walking in Downtown Boston when I decided to browse through one of the 3 art galleries at the end of Newbury Street. It was then I first discovered the amazing works of Daniel Blagg.

I was in awe. I was so drawn in. My favorite of the show was an extra large painting that was just breathtaking. The lighting, the subject choice, the perspective, the imposing size. It was like nothing I had ever seen before and I still regret not having found a way to purchase it.

Since then I have been a huge fan of Daniel Blagg and share my enthusiasm with others. His work has inspired me to paint and continues to do so now. Blagg finds the most awesome subject matter and then somehow creates a painting that is better than the reality.

From Artspace111:

Blagg’s urban realist paintings depict abandoned buildings, decaying gas stations and empty streets.Drawn to these neglected areas that are in a state of limbo, his perspective elevates and reflects elements of Americanism both ordinary and sublime.

His paintings are collected by many, both private and corporate by the likes of Shell Oil, Fidelity Investments, Coca-Cola and various well-known museums. Blagg has also racked up various awards for his work, - which is not the least bit surprising given his immense talent and portfolio.

Sometimes when you contact an idol you are let down, that was not the case with Daniel Blagg. We reached out to Blagg for the first time ever before writing this post and he was quick to respond and even shared some studio photos with us. Thank you Mr. Blagg for being awesome. Its not everyday that we are able to contact our idols and have such a positive experience.

While I have yet to find a single location to view all of his works in one place - which is the only shame here - you can view a good lot of them at Artspace111 with this link below.


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