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How Beautiful It Is. The Reimagined Lancia...

Luca Betti

Kimera Automobili is an interesting company that evolved over time. The Founder and CEO is Luca Betti - an Italian Race Car Driver from 1998-2013. He raced for Fiat, Renault, Honda, Peugeot and Ford and his list of awards is off the charts.

Kimera Motorsport

The company began as Kimera Motorsport in 2008 and Betti reached the podium in each of his 5 years racing in the European Rally Championship under this name.

Then in 2013 Kimera switched gears to rebuilding and restoring amazing vehicles, one of which was the now legendary Lancia Rally 037 - which happens to be the last two-wheel drive vehicle to succeed in the World Rally Championship and the basis for this new concept.

Lancia 037

I have to admit, I knew very little about this car until it was reimagined by Kimera - perhaps because I don't follow racing too closely.

The original was powered by a 205 HP, 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder engine and was built as a race car, then a road model followed in 1982. It was driven by some major names - one of which was Walter Rohrl, and then it was later replaced by the four-wheel drive Delta S4.


Lots of companies are now reimagining older vehicles with completely updated systems. Such as Singer Automobiles or ICON to name a few. Today, we have Kimera.

They have taken their experience from restoring classics and funneled it into a modern solution of the Lancia Rally - and OMG is it gorgeous. And it's Made in Italy. Kimera even involved specialists and mechanics from the previous vehicle by having them work together with modern day developers of the EVO37!

Born from this cohesive blend of masterminds is a mashup of brilliance combining the best looks, styles, materials and features from the multiple models of the 80's and 90's.

The modern tech in this completely custom built car boasts carbon, kevlar, titanium, steel and aluminum which in total will then offer over 500Hp.

It looks amazing. It sounds amazing. And we can't wait...


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