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ICON 4x4: 1946 Willys CJ-3B

Hand Crafted Recreations of Iconic 4x4 Vehicles

Toyota FJ's, Ford Broncos, Trucks and more...

What is it?

ICON 4x4 is best known for reimagining vintage 4x4's from from the ground up with the utmost perfection and detail. They are the visions of Jonathan & Jamie Ward, owners of ICON, and they are handmade in Los Angeles, California. Nothing on their vehicles are left untouched and just about every single piece is custom built and fabricated to your spec.

Why are they so cool?

Well, take a look. This particular model was originally a 1946 Willys CJ-3B, although ICON recreates many different vehicles including FJ 40's and Broncos. These vehicles were already cool, however, they now suffer from being old, outdated and beaten up in many cases - unless someone took proper care of one. Even still, if you had a well cared for example, it wouldn't ride or drive anything like an ICON. And you probably wouldn't want to ruin it by driving it in poor weather conditions.

These are meant to be driven.

That's where ICON 4x4 steps in and recreates a modern day version of these vehicles without ruining the old school style and character. Plus, these are no garage queens. They are made to be used and abused both on and off road.

We fell in love with ICON 4x4 when they first hit the market years ago and nothing has changed. In addition, we've seen these vehicles up close and in person being used as intended in the real world. They are beautiful machines.

Can I get one now?

Yes, you can. Sort of. At the moment ICON does not have any for sale on their site. That means you need to custom order one exactly to your specs and wait a fair amount of time - unless you can find one trading in the used market. Also, as of now, we don't see any mention of Willys Restorations on their site like this one.

That's why today we have included photos of one that is currently up for sale at Copley Motorcars in Needham, MA. We have been to Copley Motorcars many times and toured their selection before - Its quite amazing.

How much?

This one doesn't even list a price - so what does that tell you?

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