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100% Electric Pickups & SUV's Are Coming. Are These The Best?

Maybe you've heard of Rivian by now? Perhaps that's because of their multiple billion dollar investment rounds, some of which came from huge players like Amazon. We've been tracking their progress for a while now as we eagerly await their debut to the real world - and it seems they are very close.

Now you can configure your own R1T Pickup or R1S SUV on their website. Deliveries (hopefully) begin in June 2021 for the R1T and August 2021 for the SUV. One thing is for sure: Rivian's marketing is attractive and the specs of these vehicles are off the charts. They're talking Quad-Motors, Fast Charging, 11,000 lb. towing capacity, 3 foot wading depths, and 0-60 in 3 seconds. Plus a 300+ mile range with a 400+ coming next year.


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