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From Canoo:

“We are so passionate about building vehicles that can change people’s lives,” said Tony Aquila, Executive Chairman, Canoo. “Our pickup truck is as strong as the toughest trucks out there and is designed to be exponentially more productive. This truck works for you. We made accessories for people who use trucks – on the job, weekends, adventure. You name it, we did it because it’s your platform and she’s bad to the bone.” via

WOW! It's actually different.

We just scoured all the information available on this new vehicle and all we can say is: WOW! Some companies claim they thought "outside the box," but they actually don't. Canoo actually did. And this is not their first vehicle.

Yes, you have the Rivian. And the Tesla Cybertruck. And many other major brands that are all working on an electric truck or suv...but not like this.

What makes it different?

First and foremost: Modularity. The Canoo Pickup is the best because it has so many options. And we don't mean options like different color choices or upgrades to leather. You can pick what size cupholders you want. Add seats. Change the bed size and configuration. Add a camper, worktables and the list goes on....


Super Cab-Forward Design

Dual or Rear Motors

Up to 600HP and 550lb-ft torque

Vehicle Payload of 1800 lbs

200 Mile Range

Pull-Out Bed Extension

Extremely Durable Finishes and Parts

Different Seat Configurations

Camper Shell

Roof Rack - with easy access steps

Integrated Lighting - all over the place

Multi-Access Charge Ports

Side Steps and Storage

Flip-Down Side Tables


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