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Want To Buy A Italian Made THOK eBike In The US? It Will Be A Ducati!

I'll be honest, before writing this I had never heard of THOK Bikes either - which I suppose isn't too surprising since the company started in 2017 and I don't closely follow every bike manufacturer, but they are an Italian company that builds these bikes for Ducati.

What's THOK? Great Question, It's Actually Really Interesting...

Thok is an established Italian Bicycle Manufacturer with good reviews online. Which makes sense, because despite only being founded in 2017, they started a partnership with Ducati back in 2019!

How? THOK is founded by some serious professionals, not just venture capitalists like most new companies these days. Here are some of the founders and information listed from their site:

Stefano Migliorini:

BMX World Champion, DH Pro and first Italian Athlete to be part of an official American team!

Livio Suppo:

HONDA Team Principal, one of the team managers to win the most titles, several times world champ with Stoner/Ducati and Marquez/HONDA HRC team.

Giuseppe Bernocco and Sebastiano Astigiano:

founders and managers of the TCN Group (TCN, BIANCO, Galup, Madrile Melis to name a few). You probably haven't heard of these brands either, but wow! They are engineering companies with their hands in everything from mechanicals to food - so they know how to make really great stuff.

So, I Should Just Buy A THOK then?

Perhaps? If you live in Europe it would be much easier. I didn't reach out to THOK so I'm not sure they ship overseas and they don't mention it on their site.

The good news: The partnership seems to be in the consumers favor. Cross referencing Ducati's eBikes to THOK's shows there isn't much difference in price, if at all - so unless you really can't live with the Ducati name for some reason - just purchase your THOK through a US Ducati Participating Dealer.

Choose from 3 Ducati: Powered by THOK models:

TK-01RR - Modern e-Enduro model - Max Off Road

MIG-S - Versatile All Mountain

e-Scrambler - Geared Toward Urban-Trekking and Light Dirt Road


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