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2022 Porsche 911 GTS Debuts With 473 Ponies

992 Generation of the 911 GTS is here with a total of 5 different configurations via coupes, convertibles, Targa and RWD or AWD.

What is a GTS?

For those who don't know, the GTS models are the pinnacle of the standard Carrera lineup. They were first added to the mix about 12 years ago and they aren't going anywhere.

With the GTS you get more. Some parts are borrowed from other coveted 911's in the GT3 and Turbo range, power is added and performance is enhanced.

Porsche essentially enhances it so that it narrowly slots somewhere under the GT and Turbo models, but above the rest of the "regular" Carreras (S, 4S, base, etc).

Want Some Perspective?

Here is a screenshot of the current Carrera models - NOT including the TURBO or GT models:

There are a lot of choices. As you can see, we've already started playing with the configurator: we chose the 911 Carrera 4 GTS because we like the idea of a "baby" Turbo.

Here are our favorite things about the GTS:

More Power...Obviously

The 3.0 liter turbocharged flat six has been massaged to increase power by 30 hp and 30 pound-feet. Slotting it a safe zone without stepping on the TURBO turbo's toes.

TURBO brakes

The brakes were lifted directly from the 911 Turbo model.

GTS specific wheel options

Choose from wheels borrowed from the Turbo S in center lock option or choose a satin black version of the RS Spyder Design wheels both 20" up front and 21" in the rear.

It's lower

The GTS models come with PASM Sports Suspension at .4 inches lower than the standard cars. You can change that if you don't want it.

Shorter Shifter

Standard on the 7 speed manual option is an almost half inch shorter shifter lever. Too bad its not the 6 speed manual, but still nice to have a shorter lever.

Lightweight Option

I don't think its necessary, especially because you lose the rear seats! But, if you don't care, you can shave 55lbs off your GTS with carbon seats, light glass and it gains rear axle steer.

They Arrive in early 2022 and the configurator is live - so head over and build one. Don't forget to scroll down and check out a gallery of Porsche 992 911 GTS Photos.

Prices start at $136,700

Learn more at:

Click any image for the Gallery:


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