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The TAMIYA WILD ONE Is Coming Back - Bigger Than Ever - Literally!

Do you remember these?

I do! Even if you don't love Remote Control Cars (RC) you must have seen this quintessential piece of childhood history sometime in your life. Soooo 80's.

The original model was released in 1985 as a 1/10th Remote Control kit you could build at home. Now you can order one in a 8/10th version and drive it yourself.

Did you say I can drive it?

Yes! The Little Car Company is making an 8/10th scale electric model that can be made somewhat street legal - like a boss go kart.

QUICK SPECS From The Little Car Company:

  • Rear wheel drive

  • Top speed from 48 km/h (30mph)

  • Peak power from 4kW (5.5 bhp), with a range starting at 40km (25 miles)

  • 15” off road tyres

  • Hydraulic Brembo disc brakes with regenerative braking

  • Adjustable driving seat

  • Racing steering wheel and digital gauges

  • Multiple driving modes to suit all types of drivers

  • Lots of Hop-Ups including faster top speeds, more power and even the opportunity to convert your Wild One MAX to be road legal in some countries!

We even read that you can get gigantic sticker kits at some point - only the sheets of stickers will be as tall as you!

The Little Car Company

"The Little Car Company is the world expert in hand-building junior cars"

The wonderful minds at The Little Car Company boast interesting partnerships, not just with Tamiya, but with several car manufacturers including Bugatti and Aston Martin.

This licensing allows them to make "junior" models of some historic classics including their Bugatti Baby II and Aston Martin DB5 Junior Seen Below:

Very interesting stuff.

Anyway, I gotta go now, heading home on my BMX to watch E.T. and have Chicken and Stovetop.

Learn more at:

Check Out This Original Promo Ad From 1985!


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