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The Volkswagen Microbus legend returns in 2023!


Yeah, really. The VW Microbus is coming back as an all-electric van as soon as 2023. It was actually slated to arrive sooner and was pushed back to 2023. Believe it or not though, 2023 isn't too far away!

Why is it cool?

Well, first off, this represents the rebirth of a real icon. And even if you don't care about that, it looks like a lot of fun - at least to us. This could open up some extended travel journeys for many people.

Expect some really cool new tech and features including a drivers seat that rotates to view passengers - plus other transformer-style seating and sleeping configurations - and fully autonomous driving capability (maybe). Oh, and its electric - like seemingly everything new these days.

What we know so far.

This is a concept, so things could potentially change a bit. However, according to the VW newsroom we can expect:


A safe and cozy vehicle

Seating for 7-8

Range up to 270 miles

Rotating Driver Seat

Fully autonomous driving mode (we'll see)

Est. starting price of mid $45k

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Have you ever owned a previous VW Bus; or been on a trip in one? Any travel stories? What do you think about the new one?

We want to hear!

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