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CAMP WITH AIRSTREAM since the 1920's

Since the 1920's

Wally Byam (born July 4, 1896) grew up living in a wooden wagon and working hard on a sheep farm. His wagon had a few amenities such as a stove and food, plus all his supplies. Wally also went camping quite often, however his wife, Marion, never liked sleeping on the ground in their tent. So Wally went to work, building his first version of the trailer - a tent on top of a model T. From there he began honing the trailer until it gained popularity amongst other travelers (source:


Airstream now offers 7 variations of Travel Trailers and 4 types of Touring Coaches for you to customize and choose from. The trailers are towed and the Touring Coaches are built on Mercedes Vans and driven. If you are going to live mobile in some fashion and are looking to make a solid investment, you should consider Airstream's beautiful models.

Why Airstream?

Take a look at the iconic silhouette and the evolutionary design and build quality. These trailers are known to last generations and are hand built in the USA! They also offer environmentally conscious contsruction. Airstream says...

Our touring coaches include only the very best in performance, safety, and comfort. Every single Airstream travel trailer is crafted by hand in Jackson Center, Ohio, USA. And when you become an Airstreamer, you join a community of people who hold a life well-lived as their top priority.

Travel Trailers:

  • Classic - sleeps up to 5 - available in 30' or 33'

  • Globetrotter - Sleeps up to 6 - available in 23' 25' 27' 30'

  • International - Sleeps up to 6 - available in 23' 25' 27' 28' 30'

  • Flying Cloud - Sleeps up to 8 - available in 23' 25' 27' 28' 30'

  • Caravel - Sleeps up to 4 - available in 16' 19' 20' 22'

  • Bambi - Sleeps up to 4 - available in 16' 19' 20' 22'

  • Basecamp - Sleeps up to 4 - available in 16' 20'

Touring Coaches:

  • Atlas - seats up to 4 - sleeps 2

  • Interstate 24GL - seats up to 9 - sleeps 2

  • Interstate 24GT - seats up to 7 - sleeps 2

  • Interstate 19 - seats up to 4 - sleeps 2

Anything else?

Model MSRP's currently range in price from around $40k to $250k + so there are many to choose from depending on the number of luxuries you add and the size you need. Have fun exploring them all out and building your own.

When you do buy an Airstream, you get to name it and have it registered - sort of like a vacation home. Yes, Airstream's are not cheap, but then again, a vacation home would be more - and it can't move around like an Airstream!


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