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Go Ahead, Lose Stuff. Apple Has Your Back.

New Apple Stuff

Apple has just announced a serious amount of new stuff over the last few days, including the New iMac and New iPad Pro - which are awesome, but what is most intriguing to us is the Apple AirTags. Probably because Apple has never had something like this before.

What Is An AirTag?

AirTags are tiny devices that use the Find My Network and APP on your iPhone or Apple devices for anything that you assign an AirTag to! Put it on jackets, bags, purses, bikes...literally anything.

7 Things We Like About The Apple AirTags

Easy Setup

Just bring them in range to your phone and they are connected. Then use the same Find My App that you use for your other Apple Devices!

Privacy and Security Built In

Location data is private and secure and never shared.

Put AirTag On Anything

They are super small and light, so you can put them on your jacket, keys, purse, whatever...

Navigation To Your Lost Item

Using some serious tech, it will give you pinpoint guidance to your lost item. It uses almost one billion Apple Devices to help you anonymously and securely detect an AirTag- no matter where it may be!

They Are Affordable

At the time of writing this, you can get 1 for $29 or 4 for just $99 - starting April 30th.

It has a replaceable battery

I've owned expensive rivals before this tech was available. It wasn't very good at finding items and the battery wasn't replaceable!

You Can Even Engrave Them!


Order AirTag Now:


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