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Reignite Your Love For Winter With MoonBike

Zero Emission Electric Snowbikes are hitting the hills - and we want one.

What is a MoonBike?

A MoonBike is a super-rad combo of dirtbike and snowmobile which comes together to spawn the world's first electric snowbike.

Aeronautical Engineer Designed

The MoonBike was thought up by Nicolas Muron - a born inventor from France. One day he realized there were endless options for summer transport, but in contrast, very few for the winter months.

With that, the aeronautical engineer set out to create a fun and exciting way to enjoy exploration in the cold white stuff. So, he joined forces with other engineers and collaborated with incubators to eventually build what is today known as the MoonBike: The World's First Electric Snowbike.

Gaining Attention and Winning Awards

From there, MoonBike grabbed investors and partners such as Michelin and Outdoor Sports Valley, plus attracted attention from consumers, and won prestigious awards in 2021.

Here Are Our Favorite Things About The MoonBike:

Its quiet

Since the MoonBike is electric, it is totally silent, so you can enjoy winter's natural beauty in sweet serenity.

Its light and compact

The MoonBike weighs just 155lbs - which means you can transport it without the need for a trailer. Plus, at just 28 inches wide, you'll fit it down any trail and through obstacles with ease.

It can tackle a foot of snow

Not bad for such a compact machine.

Ride up to 3 hours

With the dual battery option you can charge in 2.5 hours and ride for up to 3 hours or 20-40 miles depending on terrain.

125 lb/ft of torque

That means immediate power and acceleration - even if the top speed is only 26mph you'll get there really quickly.

Manufactured by Bosch

What Else?

You can reserve your own MoonBike now with a fairly reasonable price tag. We haven't yet rode a MoonBike, however, we were told we'd be able to demo one this winter.

Lately, I've been dreading the cold and dark of the winter months, but, a MoonBike might change that feeling altogether. We shall see...

Price: $7,980

Learn more at:


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