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The New Ferrari 296 GTB V6 Hybrid

The newest Ferrari bows with 818 Horsepower in Hybrid Form.

The Biggest News

For the F8's replacement, the V8 is gone and the V6 Hybrid is in. Very big news indeed.

Although it lost the iconic, award winning V8, Ferrari has said not to worry about the sound. They've even called the new V6 the piccolo V12 - or little V12.

The new engine is totally developed in house and features a 3.0 liter turbo engine making about 650 Horsepower before adding an additional 164 from an electric unit.

I scoured the entire website and watched every video to get a glimpse at the soundtrack mostly. How is it? Well, from what they posted, it doesn't sound all that bad.

Obviously we need to hear it in "real life" first, but from what I gather, since its such a high revving V6, it almost sounds like that of a turbocharged/hybrid GT3? Especially since it has that huge redline and rising crescendo sound.

Here is a video from YouCar below allowing you to hear the engine:

Its "Fun To Drive"

Says Ferrari, Repeatedly! We would certainly hope so. If there's one aspect they keep mentioning, it is definitely the "fun to drive" thing - must be because of the engine switch.

I don't think that's in doubt, Ferrari.

CarsArtCoffee's Favorite Things About the New Ferrari 296GTB

818 Horsepower is nothing to sneeze at

This GTB must go like mad. I'd put some good money on the fact that the 0-60 figure of 2.9 seconds is very modest. I'm going to guess 2.5 is more like it.

0-124 MPH in 7.3 Seconds

That is astonishing.

Assetto Fiorano Package

Want your Ferrari to be even lighter? Save 26 lbs with massive amounts of carbon fiber and gain a little exclusivity - for about $40K. Not sure I'd tick that box - especially in the gray/yellow color scheme they advertise, but to each their own. Note: I didn't post any pics of it.

Eight-Speed DCT

The new GTB uses the same transmission from big brother, the SF90, and it looks really cool too. It has the old gated manual look.

Just like a Prius

Yes, the new Ferrari can be totally electric for up to 16 miles and under 84 MPH. Pretty neat little feature.

2 Inch Shorter Wheelbase

Should make for a very playful car. During the video explanation from Ferrari they mentioned "Fun to drive" and "Go-Kart Handing."

Style Harkening Back To Ferrari's of Yesteryears

At many different angles you can see design elements from a myriad of previous models - in a good way.

Starting around $320,000

Learn more at:


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