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Did You Say 150 Years?

Since 1870 when it first designed and patented the Ariel Ordinary - a 48" front wheel old school bicycle. Then, they went on to make several other unique offerings including, more bicycles, a quadricycle, cars and motorcycles...

Fast Forward 150 Years

This is the Ariel Atom 4, one of a few offerings from Ariel North America. Since Ariel is a UK Based company, they utilize TMI AutoTech in Virginia, USA to build the Atom 4 and Nomad for the US market.

Fully Custom, Hand Built in the USA and Unique To You

With its open air design, lightweight, high power to weight ratio and direct steering - it might be one of the last great driving experiences for driving enthusiasts. And it isn't electric!

Ariel Atom 4

Ariel also makes a Nomad, which offers an off-road capability, but today we are focused on the Ariel Atom 4. This road going version is amazingly capable and technically affordable when compared to other cars that can offer this level of performance and driving experience. How awesome is it?

"To 60mph in 2.8 seconds, to 100mph in 6.8 seconds. Over 500bhp per ton in standard, unmodified form. Astounding figures. Quicker than a Ferrari, more lateral G than a Porsche GT3. Giant killing performance for a fraction of the price. This is race car territory, but obtainable and reliable." (Source: AERIAL)

Ariel Atom 4 Details And Facts We Like:

Fully Custom, Hand Built in the USA and Unique To You

Pick your colors and options for your specific build and then have it setup to your liking. You can even visit the factory while its being built!

Powered By A Honda Civic Type R Engine

You know its going to be a highly reliable and performance oriented engine when it starts out as a Honda 2.0 liter i-VTEC engine tuned by Ariel.

Not A Plug-In

So many offerings are electric or hybrid these days. We are all for saving the environment, but its nice to have a few offerings that are still focused on old school tuning, which brings us to our next point....

It Sounds Amazing

Would this car be what it is without that sound? With a fabricated stainless exhaust and ram air system, its just amazing. Listen to the videos and you'll see the the sound is part of the experience.

Open Air Fun

Look at this thing. Can you honestly say you wouldn't want to have a go in it? No way. It's like nothing else on the road, except for maybe a handful of other vehicles - and even then, the Ariel is still quite unique. Anyone who's owned a cabriolet or roadster can tell you just how different driving becomes with the top down, let alone this open chassis!


Powered by a Honda with very accessible engineering and parts.

Race Car Dynamics, Looks and Feel

Check out the steering wheel, shifter, TFT Screen, Shocks, Switchgear. It looks like it just rolled off a racetrack and it definitely does not look street legal - in a good way.


Learn more from Ariel North America at:


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