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Build Your Own GT3

Let's Build Some Dreams - And Waste Some Time.

What is it?

There isn't anything much more sacred in a car enthusiasts life than Porsche's new GT3 configurator.

Yes, we do realize Porsche's GT3 configurator has been live for about a month now. So why are we posting it today? It's embarrassing. We've been so busy at Cars Art Coffee that we haven't made our way over to build one yet - until today.

So let's waste some time.....

How'd we spec it?

You can see from the pictures above we chose GT Silver. We aren't into the flashy colors and we love the rich warm look of Porsche's GT Silver, plus it looks good all the time - even when dirty. To spice it up a bit we chose the "gold" wheels - although Porsche calls them Satin Neodyme.

Inside we kept the interior really modest and went with black. Still, our GT3 came in at $171,250 - which sounds really high, until you realize the starting MSRP of $161k! We chose what we'd call "the basics" and put money into the metallic paint, gold wheels, comfortable seats, upgraded headlights and a Bose Stereo.

The pictures above are from our build in the configurator. What do you think?

Now go waste some time and build your own.


Build now at:


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