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Codenamed F171: This New Ferrari Is Arriving Very Soon!


Reading the news and weeding through it seems to suggest that the Ferrari F8's replacement may be called Dino or SF60 - or similar, at least that's Motortrend's take on it. Either way, we're hearing that the announcement will come much sooner than later.

Above we've shared a render from Autocar since they always seem to have some very good information and accurate renders of what's around the bend.

What is it?

Reports suggest that the new car will sport a V6 hybrid powertrain - expect something of an SF90 Junior with less cylinders and less electric motors. I'm seeing varying estimates as to whether it will be AWD or RWD, but believe the best estimation is that it will start life as RWD - and later have options for AWD. Expect some 700 Horsepower combined.

Autocar also suggests that the new V6 hybrid engine will be used in Ferrari's upcoming SUV, the Purosangue, and will have limited electric only capability. It should be inline with the McLaren Arturo.

According to Topspeed:

The engine alone develops 440 kilowatts (590 horsepower). However, thanks to an axial-flow electric motor mounted on the transmission the Ferrari will offer a lot more power. That motor alone produces 82 kilowatts (110 horsepower), so we are looking at a combined system output of 522 kilowatts (700 horsepower)

Here are some spy photos from Carwow:

A Changing World Of Powerplants

The biggest change to the F8 successor is clearly its engine. For the first time, the astonishing and iconic V8 will be replaced by a hybrid V6 - and that's a big deal. We keep losing exhaust sound and drama to turbos and regulations which is creating a strange space for cars like the Ferrari, among others.

Indeed it is a very strange time to be a car enthusiast. I find myself torn between embracing the changes, hanging onto the past and wanting a combination of both. Perhaps that's why Ferrari has decided to go with a hybrid. It seems ALL-electric is just a bit too far of a jump for a pure petrolhead.

Case in point? I think the new Taycan is a gorgeous car, but I can't help but think it would be much better as a hybrid powertrain with some astonishing sound and aggression behind it.

How will the Ferrari do with a hybrid V6 instead of a screaming V8? Well, we've slowly been preparing for this as we've lost some of that engine noise over the years.

We'll have to wait and see....

Nothing official is posted about this vehicle yet, but if you'd like to learn more about the F8 Tributo (the car that will be replaced by this car) or the SF90 (the supercar for which this one will utilize a playbook from) visit Ferrari's website below.

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