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Third Generation Raptor: More Than "Just A Desert Truck"

What is it?

Hot on the heels of the fully redesigned 2021 Ford F-150 comes the Iconic Raptor variant. What is a Raptor? This is Ford's nameplate for the high performance off road editions of both their F-150 and Ranger pickup models.

Already A Hit...

According to Ford: F-150 Raptor has eclipsed the sales of other well-known performance icons. Over the last four years, the previous-generation Raptor cumulatively outsold Porsche’s entire lineup of sports cars and also outsold Chevrolet’s Corvette.

New and Improved

This time around, in its third generation since it was first born in 2009, the Raptor sports the carryover High-output 3.5 Liter EcoBoost engine but with tweaks, along with a projected EPA-estimated range of 500 miles! Also, the vehicle is based on the entirely new Ford F-150 redesign which means it gains all of those updates as well.

12 Things We Like About The Raptor:

Its Comfortable

This is key to us. Most might assume that this type of truck would drive harshly, but with this type of long travel suspension you might feel like you're in Grandpa's Caddy - in a good way. But, because the shocks are electronically controlled, it will also offer great performance when you want it. Best of both worlds.

Updated Electronically Controlled Fox Shocks

Five-link rear suspension and 24 inch coil springs! From Ford: Readings from suspension height sensors and other sensors around the truck change damping rates independently at each corner 500 times per second, with the shocks responding at the same speed the human brain processes visual information.

37 Inch Tires - Raptor 37 Performance Package

Available as an option - but will decrease suspension travel a bit. Your pick. I'm sticking with 35s personally.

Trail 1-Pedal Drive

Only use the gas pedal in extreme off road situations - press to move forward, release to brake!

Over The Air Updates to SYNC 4

Standard on all models is OTA updates - so software for the digital trail maps and cloud based navigation will always be up to date.

Active Valve Dual Exhaust

Every performance vehicle should have this - so should motorcycles. Loud when you want, quiet when you don't.

Ford Co-Pilot 360 Safety Tech

Every vehicle should roll off the assembly line with safety gear nowadays. Either way, we love Auto High Beams, Forward Collision Warning with Braking, Hill Start, Pre-Collision Assist with AEB and Pedestrian Detection, BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert, Reverse Brake Assist, Evasive Steering Assist

500 Mile Range

Don't know if that will actually happen, but I like the idea. Maybe if you drive it like Grandpa drove his old Caddy?

The New 12-inch Digital Screen and 12-inch Touchscreen

FordPass Mobile App and Keyless Entry Pad

Every car should have a keypad to enter and an App to monitor and start the vehicle.

Pro Power Onboard

Turning your truck into a small generator.

The R is coming...

The Raptor R

Next year will debut the RAM TRX fighting Raptor R - which will be an even higher performance Raptor V8 model sporting some variant of the Mustang GT500's 760 hp V8.

Stay tuned for even more awesome.


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