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A Completely Redesigned Hummer

I thought Hummer was dead?

It was. This is the return of the Hummer by GMC in All Electric Form.

A brief and interesting history is given below:


Humvee | H1

1992-2006 and 2017-present (limited)

When I was younger, I was always a fan of the Hummer H1 (the military vehicle). When I'd see one drive by me I'd yell, "H1! H1!," almost in the same way I reacted to seeing a Lamborghini, Ferrari or some other supercar.

It all started with the iconic M998 Humvee by AM General. This was originally designed as a brash, off-road, 4-wheel-drive utility vehicle for military use. Then, due to its popularity, it was released to the civilian market under a deal with GM and renamed the Hummer H1.

It was produced from 1992-2006 for both military and people purchase until it ceased military use and was replaced by another vehicle from Oshkosh.

From there it has marched on in very limited 100 unit-per-year-production for civilian use as the Humvee C-Series by VLF - whom contracted a version of the vehicle from AM general. It is not available in the US.



The H2 is probably the Hummer most scene by the masses. GM contracted AM General to build these units under the HUMMER nameplate from 2003-2009. It was based on a modified Chevrolet 2500 HD chassis. The H2 was available as a pickup or SUV.



GM also produced an even smaller version of the H2 in both pickup and SUV form - known as the H. It was build on a modified version of the chassis from the Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon.


I have to admit, when I first heard about the return of the Hummer, I wasn't the least bit interested. I didn't even want to read about it. Then I decided to give it a chance and dove straight into the details and....

Apparently, it's pretty cool. If you're in the market for a large luxury 4x4 Electric SUV or SUT (Pickup), and you like the style, this could be the one for you. Most likely that's going to be the key to whether or not someone buys this model.

Do you like the style? On the outside, it definitely holds many cues from its ancestor.

Beyond The Looks

Looking at its specs its hard to ingnore some of the ingenious technology and ability we see on the new HUMMER EV.

GMC says: "The GMC HUMMER EV's were envisioned to be the most capable and compelling electric supertrucks ever." We look forward to seeing this new genre unfold.

Key Features We Like


Full 4-wheel steer - making this large vehicle capable of a 35.4 foot turning circle.

Adaptive Air Suspension with Extract Mode

Lifts the vehicle up to 6 inches.

Open Air Driving

Standard Infinity Roof and Modular Sky Panels. Super cool.

830 Horsepower

GM's Ultium Drive System offers three motors with up to 830 hp and 11,500 lb-ft torque for 0-60 in 3.5 seconds.

Extreme Off Road Package

Extreme off road package includes 18 inch wheels with 35 inch tires, underbody armor and rock sliders, front elocker and virtual rear lockers, heavy duty half shafts and 17 cameras.

UltraVision Camera System

Up to 17 cameras.... and you can see underneath your vehicle for off roading.

Customization and Accessories

Over 200 available at launch including center stack buttons that can be customized.

13 Inches of Suspension Travel

Climb 60% Grades

Scale 18 Inch Verticals

300 Plus Miles of Range

Power Station Generator

Turn your Hummer into a power source.

Digital Smartphone Key


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