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We Bought One. Here's Why...

What's So Cool About a Portable Jump Starter?

Technically, it isn't cool...until you need it. Sort of like antibiotics. Seriously though, it can make the difference between a good day and a bad day. Sure, you can call for help, but how long will that take? And what if you're in a remote area? Plus, who likes to wait?

I've wanted to buy one of these since I saw an ad in a car magazine about 6 years ago - but I never got around to it. Why? I think its because it just wasn't an exciting purchase, but....

Dead batteries can happen fast. Really fast.

Knock on wood, I haven't had a dead car battery in a long time, however, I did experience a dead battery on my off road vehicle (ATV) a few weeks ago.

I admit, in this case, I was not in a remote location, yet. The vehicle was just driven onto my trailer and I was heading out for a ride with the kids. The point is: I was about to go off-roading 45 minutes away and happened to notice that my vehicle wouldn't start shortly after loading it onto the trailer.

How fast did it happen? I left the electrical on to the ATV for just 10 minutes - (the lights were on-big deal) and that was all it took!

What did I do?

I knew a friend had one of these portable jump starters - so I called him! Sure enough, he hooked it up, and bam, started my ATV on the first try!

That was my wake up call. I thought to myself, what if this happened in the woods on my ATV, or on my bike on a remote road, or my car in the mountains on the way to skiing with no cell phone reception. And even more surprising was that this was a new machine that I hadn't experienced even the slightest hiccup with before this day. So it can happen very quickly - even to a new battery.

I vowed that I would finally get myself one after that happened and take it with me whenever I go on long car, motorcycle, or off-road trips. Its so compact and easy to bring with you anywhere, so why not have one? Plus, apparently it can charge other dead items too (like a phone or camera) and has a flashlight. Thats why I'm sharing this today on carsartcoffee - just in case you might want one too.


I researched Portable Jump Starters for hours and asked some of my pro-tech friends. They had all used them before, and some had numerous ones. Most of the top ones I found had excellent reviews - with some scattered negative ones.

Ultimately though, the NOCO seems to be the most universally used and accepted. I even noticed another popular automotive company clearly rebranded one (NOCO) as their own, so that tells me something. Plus, this was the original one I saw in that car magazine years ago!

What else?

Keep in mind, there are different sizes. I'm going with the 1500 AMP NOCO. But most might be happy with the 1000 AMP. I have included a link to purchase the 1000A, 1500A, and 2000A below. And if you need larger (or smaller) ones, they have them too.

NOCO also claims there are "ULTRASAFE" because of their: Mistake Proof Design

Spark Proof Technology

Reverse Polarity Detection

I WANT ONE! What do I do?

Choose the NOCO 1000 AMP, 1500 AMP, or 2000 AMP from the B&H Store link below.



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