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Gas Tanks In The Wheels and Seating For Up to 22!

What is it?

Sherp International is based in the Ukraine and they create UTV's that can overcome just about any obstacle you throw at it: water, snow, mud, fallen name it.

Who needs one?

Ummmm, Everyone?

Seriously though...besides enthusiasts of "go anywhere driving" there are so many different applications for a rig like this. You can probably think of a lot on your own, but how about construction, oil & gas, search & rescue, mining, exploring, geology, rentals, telecom, recreation and the list goes on.

Apparently, they're also useful for music videos.

Sherp the Ark 3400

7 Cool Facts We Like About The Sherp UTV:

The Fuel Tanks are in The Wheels

That is just amazing. Each wheel has a 15 gallon tank. How's that for using unneeded space!

On The Go Adjustable Tire Pressures

Not only are they ultra low pressure and act like a suspension, but the exhaust gases from the Sherp can pump the tires up directly - no air compressor needed! Drivers can adjust the tire pressure based on the terrain by inflating or deflating on the go.

Sherp The Shuttle

Whats cooler than a Sherp? How about a Shuttle designed specifically to carry 2 Sherps to remote locations by water.

Hold Up To 21 of Your Friends - or Needed Gear

One of the 3 models on offer, The Ark 3400, can help a Sherp hold up to 22 total passengers or it can usefully carry some serious cargo including heavy equipment, dwellings, or a medical space to help in remote areas!

Great Visibility and Driving Position

I'm big on having a great seating position and the driving position in the Sherp provides high visibility forward and easy to reach controls.

Low Noise and High Efficiency

The diesel engine provides high torque but is quiet and low in vibration. It can work just as well in desert or glacier climates.

It Floats

According to Argo Sherp - one of Sherp's Dealers in the USA - the Argo Sherp Vehicles Float!

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