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The new Tesla Model S Plaid is astonishing - Estimated 390 mile range, 200 mph top speed and a Sub 2 second 0-60 time.

Then, there's the Plaid + which claims to be the quickest 0-60 mph and 1/4 mile of any production car ever!

Quick Stats (claimed):

0-60 in < 1.99 seconds

1/4 mile in < 9 seconds

1,100 Horsepower

520+ mile Estimated Range

Base price with savings: $134,490

I know, it all sounded great until the price, but then again, for that sort of performance it's a relative bargain isn't it? And there is no reason to suggest that Tesla's claims are untrue given the recorded numbers from previous iterations of this vehicle.

We look forward to test driving this car soon and its nice to see the evolution of the S.

Until then, please visit TESLA to build your own and decide which model you love the most. And don't forget to check out that steering wheel.


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