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A 1970 SERIES III 88 Land Rover

Isn't That A Defender?

No. I thought the same thing... however, a quick check on wikipedia told me that early models are simply known as - Series.

This one happens to be a Series III, but there is also a Series I and II which came before it.

There Was Only One Model For A Long Time

What I found most interesting is that all the early models were simply called Land Rovers because there was only one vehicle produced - so no need for names like Defender, Range Rover, Discovery...

Also very interesting is that the Manufacturer themselves was not Land Rover but rather The Rover Company from 1948-1967, then British Leyland from 1968-1978 and finally, it wasn't until 1978 that the manufacturer itself was known as Land Rover Ltd.

It Took A Discovery To Make A Defender

After the series III models came the name change to Land Rover Ninety and One Ten.

In 1989 when Land Rover finally produced a second vehicle model, the Discovery, it finally spawned the need to name the original Land Rover - which became known as the Defender!

Which Brings Us To This Series III that is currently for sale

What a cool rig. This Series III is being offered by one of the largest vintage Rover Dealers - Copley Motorcars. Interestingly this one is "only" $38,800 - which makes it seemingly affordable when compared to some of the Defender offerings which seem to creep up to $100K very easily. Perhaps because it seems to be a very original example.

Here are some key facts about this model:

Pastel Green with Black

4 wheel drive

4 Speed Manual with synchromesh - sounds like fun

2.25 liter - 4 cylinder gas engine

2 side facing rear seats

Canvas Top

Galvanized Chassis

The last owner held the car for 45 Years!!!

Learn more at:


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