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X Shore 100% ELECTRIC BOAT: EELEX 8000 Launches in the US!

Just Launched Now!

At the time of writing this we just heard back from X Shore that these boats are now launching in the US as of March 25th, 2021. That's right! X Shore has told us that the new Eelex has docked at the Palm Beach International Boat Show making its official debut in the US!

Congratulations X Shore on the launch!

X Shore wants to reinvent the Boating Industry.

We look forward to future communications with X Shore - and hopefully a test ride, but for now here's what X Shore had to say...."Focused on sustainability and righting the pollution of traditional, old school industries, the Eelex 8000 was built entirely electric with quality materials that support a cleaner environment through advancements in technology and innovation. Created by maritime enthusiasts, X Shore crafts allow passengers to explore oceans, lakes, and nature without the harmful noise and fumes typical fossil-fuel engines emit.

Its high-performance 225 KW electric motor and dual 60 kWh lithium-ion batteries can be charged in just one night and send boating enthusiasts worldwide on journeys up to 100 miles on the water."

Key Details from our perspective:

1. Swedish Design at its best

We think this thing is absolutely gorgeous. Purely crafted beauty and simplicity.

2. Intelligent Software (OTA updates)

The software on this boat can be updated remotely which means it can be constantly updated and improved. It also captures anonymous and secure data at 150 points every second which allow for real time analytics and improvements. This should make the platform very updatable into the future.

3. It will be able to dock itself

Yes, it plans to have the ability to dock itself - eventually.

4. Its quiet

No combustion engine means you can hear the water and nature around you.

5. Inspired by an eel

The boat itself was inspired by the South American Electric Eel.

6. It can charge in 1 to 2 hours on a supercharger

7. It focuses on sustainability

Using cork instead of teak and utilizing recycle plastic wherever possible.

8. It chose its color palette as not to disrupt the nature around it

9. Its focuses on safety

Location tracking, range detection, mobile alerts, low power features, remote updates, onboard protection systems, optional onboard camera and cloud security.

10. Easy to use

Pre installed maps, large touchscreens, Plan and Sync routes with ActiveCaptain on your phone or tablet, optional autopilot.

11. Overboard Protection

From a connected Garmin Watch the boat will stop if it detects a watch wearer being too far away.

What are your thoughts on the X Shore? Interested? Intrigued?....


Learn more at:

Or watch the video below:


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