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Lightning Is Upon Us...With 563 Horsepower and a Frunk!

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Unveiled

This is a big deal. Lots of manufacturers are popping up everywhere with electric trucks, but when the manufacturer of the best selling pickup for 44 years enters the market - watch out. We mentioned its arrival recently in one of our previous stories but now it is upon us - with lots of details and ready to order.

It looks pretty good. If you like F-150's - which many people do - you will love it. Ford kept things simple with regards to design and provided only a few differentiating styling cues for its electric pickup version.

We like simple and we think they did a great job. Does it have the frilly looks of other EV companies? No. But it's a Ford and that means something even greater.

Check out the Ford 360 Degree Zone Lighting. Why did it take manufacturers so long to realize these thoughtful extras? It seems going electric has spawned many new innovations for us buyers.

What Can The Ford Lightning Do?

For starters the new Lightning has a targeted 563 horsepower and 775 lb.-ft. of torque. That's a decent number. Plus a host of amazing new features. So many that we decided to make a list of what we love below.

Cool Stuff Worth Knowing About The F-150 Lightning

Instant Torque and Very Quick 4x4

The Ford F-150 Lightning is faster than a Raptor and boasts 2 motors with a total 563 horsepower and 775 lb.-ft. of torque. That's a lot, but not overdone.

It's a Powerhouse - Literally

Like many other e-trucks coming at us these days, the Ford F-150 Lightning will power your home in the event of an outage, but, it has some really cool tech to compliment that.

While charging on the Ford Charge Station Pro, Ford Intelligent Backup Power will automatically detect an outage and swap power to your home - just like a home generator. Power back on? Ford will sense when the power's return and swap back to charging itself.

Sort of regretting that Whole-Home Generac purchase now.

Saving Money in the Future with Ford Intelligent Power

Taking our last point one step further... Ford Intelligent Power will eventually add technology to help power your home when prices of electricity are high. Whaaaaat?

Mega Power 400 liter Frunk

Lots of plugs and up to 400 lbs of storage in the front of the truck. It can also be a cooler for tailgating, a power station for tools, or provide power for TV's and speakers. Theres also lots of plugs inside too.

Big Screen

Ford Says this is the largest screen in a truck right now. We believe it.

Best Selling for 44 years

That says a lot. For most buyers that will be enough to send them to Ford, rather than a new name in trucks.

Ford Power Up OTA updates

Ford will save you many trips to the dealer by updating your software in 2 minutes without you knowing. It will fix bugs and also update and enhance their software on a regular basis - just like your phone.

Largest Public Charge Network in North America

63,000 charge plugs and counting. Plus, you get my Ford Pass which can plan your journey with charge stops. Need a fast charge? Get up to 54 miles of range in 10 minutes. I still wish the range was more like 400 or 450...but I'm sure that's coming soon, right Ford?

Phone as a Key

Just as it sounds. Don't even take the phone out of your pocket.

Onboard Scales

Your truck will weight your payload for you. Not only will this stop you from overloading your vehicle, but the tech inside will help to calculate your new range based on the load!

Up to a 300 Mile Range

360 Degree Zone LIghting

Prediction: this will be the hottest selling electric truck by far. Shipments being Spring of next year.


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