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Alpha Motor Corporation is Making Amazing Waves in Car Design.

At the time of writing this Alpha Motors Corporation already has 5 vehicles designed and showcased on their website:

We can mostly let the photos do the talking, but we wanted to provide some of our own thoughts...

We really like the design language of these cars. For us, they conjure up some seriously retro vibes - in a good way - and with a unique flair all their own. We already brought you the Wolf Pickup, a throw back look to the old pickups from the 70s and 80s - so today we focused on the JAX and ACE models in the pictures shared above and video below.

Art is Everywhere. This is Art.

We don't know about you, but the Jax CUV looks like an absolute blast to drive. The two tone finishes and mashup of off road tire and bumpers mixed with a lift kit remind us of a sweet dune buggy. How do you not want to drive this thing? Or grab a coffee and stare at it.

Then there's the Ace which is throwing off iconic Datsun vibes and we really dig it. Look at those Fender Flares! I know these are still somewhat conceptual and subject to changes - but we really hope those hips make it to production. Talk about stance and presence.

From the inside things seem to get even better. Why can't more manufacturers make a simple yet elegant design like this. The mix of plaid and leathers. The colors and finishes just scream CLEAN.

We think its eye candy and we hope they drive as well as they look!

We Can't wait.


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