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No Boat. No Problem.

Awake's Linear Jet System Propels You Smoothly On Water!

Self Propelled Electric Surfboard

Awake is a Swedish Brand that makes Electric Surfboards. They operate as you might expect, sort of like a sea-doo-engined wakeboard/surfboard that is propelled by an onboard jet propulsion system and controlled wirelessly by a handheld remote.

Made in Sweden

Awake boards say they are tested in Scandinavian waters and climates which means they are built to withstand harsh environments and rough treatment from salty and choppy waters. Awake also incorporates water sealed modules and sensors that monitor the board - so it can also be updated constantly through software upgrades - like much these days.

How does it work?

Awake is propelled by a patented Linear Jet System which is said to provide a smooth ride even in choppy waters. You steer by leaning and you accelerate through the wireless remote control - just like most electric skateboards.

You can also choose how aggressive the nose "rocker" of your board is or buy an extended life battery and/or extra batteries to keep the fun going longer! They also include many other accessories available on their site.

Key Specs:

(Model Dependent) Top Speed: up to 35mph

Approximately 85 lbs

Charge time: 1-2 hours

Ride time: 15 min-1 hour

Acceleration: 0-30 in 5 seconds

12 month warranty

3 Models to choose from:


Starting at 12,900

They aren't cheap, but then again, a boat (to pull you) would be a lot more!

We have not personally tried Awake Boards nor are we affiliated with them, so we have included a video below for you to check them out. They are not without competition in the market - however, they seem to be one of the leaders at the moment. They're Youtube channel has a host more videos too which are short and useful.


Learn more:

Check Out Awake Boards in Action:


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