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Shopping for the best coffee grinder. This is it.

If Technivorm makes the best the best coffee maker, then Baratza makes the best coffee grinder - and they should sit side-by-side on your counter.

Why we like it.

Baratza makes a solid product, like something you'd find in a machine shop. I've owned an older Baratza Virtuoso model for almost 10 years now and I use it everyday. Mine's an earlier model that required a small fix along the way, but I ordered the part and installed it. Easy. Since then, the machines have been updated. They continue to evolve on their quality. Thats the type of machines Baratza makes, sturdy and reliable (and fixable should the need arise). Plus, it grinds coffee like nothing else.

Why grind my own beans?

Because it tastes so much better. The smells and taste are far and away better than any pre-ground coffee. Plus you can set your own level of grind. I for one like mine ground fine for the extra taste. You can choose from an infinite number of grind settings on the Baratza models.

Which model?

I recommend the Baratza Encore Conical. It is the more affordable choice, has less buttons and should grind no differently than the higher price models. It comes in a few colors, but they have other models too.

Anything else? Not really, unless you need coffee, then we currently suggest these brands:



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