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SUPERSONIC: More Room, 2X Faster, Same Price! Too Good To Be True?

So, I'm not a huge fan of flying overall, but I do realize its benefits over extremely long car rides. As much as I love driving, I despise mindlessly sitting in the car for hours on end - especially in traffic.

But, who likes sitting on a cramped plane for more than a movie's length either? And let's not even mention the airport experience.

Boom Supersonic seems to have a much better answer (at least to the flying part). How about flying at higher altitudes at greater speeds with less turbulence, with first class space for less money?

Sounds like the future is upon us.

We hope...

STRONG AMBITIONS: From XB-1 to Overture

Boom Supersonic is currently using their XB-1 Aircraft to test their technology.

If all goes well, they will unleash the Overture - The world's fasted passenger airliner.

8 Interesting Facts About the BOOM OVERTURE:

Net-zero carbon from Day One

It will utilize 100% sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

It's Basically a Space Ship - Seriously

Have a desire to see the Earth's Curvature from 60,000 feet in the air?

Thats what you're getting in the Overture. Flying so high that you see the darkness of space above and the curve of Earth below! Yikes. Sounds fun though...

Mach 1.7

Get where your going 2x faster.

Less Turbulence

When you fly at 60,000 feet you avoid most turbulence.

More Space

Seat dimensions comparable to short-haul first class.

Orders Books are Already Open

United will purchase 15 airliners - with an option for 35 more once they are ready to meet all the necessary standards. Japan Airlines has pre-ordered 20, and the United States Air Force have their eye on custom executive transport!

Sonic Boom!

Overture will produce no more noise than current aircraft and will only fly at supersonic speeds over the ocean....because they don't want to expose communities below to sonic booms....what?

Price: Just $200 Million Before Options.

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