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Step into Adventure Touring with the Pan America 1250

What is a Pan America 1250?

This is Harley-Davidson's first adventure touring model.

The Pan America 1250 debuts with 2 models: A base and a Pan America 1250 Special. Each are said to be very capable, rugged and powerful multi-purpose - go anywhere bikes. The Special being the premium model which dials that up a few notches and adds more off-road features.

Why is it special?

Anyone who has ridden - or even swung a leg over - most adventure bikes knows the riding position is much higher than other bike types. This can make mounting, dismounting and stopping a challenge for some. If you are on the shorter side this can be a concern, although some riders don't mind being on their toes at stops or even performing special jump-off or leaned stops. Either way, Harley-Davidson has a unique fix for that.

HD has introduced an industry first selectable Adaptive Ride Height (ARH). ARH is a suspension system that will automatically transition between a low stopped position and a higher riding position when in motion. Sounds crazy and amazing at the same time, but it's definitely a game-changer for the industry.

Key stats of the Pan America Special:

  • All new Revolution Max 1250 Engine

  • 150 Horsepower + 94 ft-lb torque

  • Adaptive lighting

  • Double Overhead Camshafts DOHC and Variable Valve Timing VVT

  • Dual purpose powertrain is part of the chassis

  • Adaptive Ride Height and semi-active front and rear suspension with 5 settings

  • Vehicle Loading Control

  • 6.8" touchscreen display

  • Stainless steel laced wheels

  • Center stand

  • TPMS

  • Skid plate, multi-position brake pedal, brush guard

  • 31.1 inch seat height

  • 559 lbs

  • Available May 2021

Anything else?

The HD Pan America 1250 pricing currently starts at around $17,319 and the Special Model at around 19,999. Optional accessories will no doubt bring that price up a bit and certain items are only available on certain models. The Special being the model that can have more options and accessories available.


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