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"Utah, Get me 2!"

Keanu Reeves on the Screen

Maybe you've heard of him? His name is Keanu Reeves and he's been in a lot of movies. From funny flicks in his early career like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - to one of his newest projects BRZRKR - a new comic book series.

That said, we are especially fond of his bad ass role of Johnny Utah in the classic Point Break in 1991 (opposite Patrick Swayze-legend).

Since then, Reeves has been defining awesomeness - especially with movies like the Matrix (Trilogy), John Wick (3 chapters), and Constantine to name a few...Before I go any further, if you don't know these movies, grab some popcorn and sit down.

Besides his new comic book series BRZRKR, we read that he'll also be making a fourth Matrix film (December 21 release), a new Netflix series: Conquest and two more sequels to John Wick. Thank you Keanu.

And Off The Screen

From what we gather, Keanu Reeve's is a cool dude off-screen too. Take for instance today's topic: ARCH MOTORCYCLES. Reeve's loves motorcycles so much that he co-developed his own motorcycle brand with custom bike builder Gard Hollinger.

According to the bio from wikipedia, Reeve's initially asked Hollinger to build him a custom bike based on a Harley Davidson. Reeves loved the bike so much that he insisted on starting an entirely new company with him. Believe it or not, he actually had to talk Hollinger into it! Skip to the future and Arch Motorcycles not only produces the KRGT-1 but has plans for 2 more models and will be celebrating their 10th anniversary this year!

Arch Motorcycles Company

Founded in 2011 Arch Motorcycles focuses on producing motorcycles that "redefine the American performance cruiser" and it looks like they've achieved it with the KRGT-1. These are all custom made with bespoke parts that have been designed in house by Arch.


Available Now

Performance Cruiser powered by an Arch/S&S 124 CI V-Twin.


Coming Soon: Pre Order Only

The 1S will be a unique blend of Cruiser and Street Sport: features the first production single-sided billet aluminum swingarm from Arch.


Coming Soon: Pre Order Only

Hand-assembled at ARCH Motorcycle's Los Angeles, California facility, the Method 143 will be a limited-production motorcycle with only 23 units available for sale worldwide. It features an Arch/S7S Method 143 ci (2343cc) engine.

Considering the rarity of these bikes, we haven't personally had a chance to ride them, but we'd like to.

Arch, if your reading this, we'll take a silver and black KRGT-1. Thanks.


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