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Ferrari Announces A Limited Edition 812 Competizione and Competizione A

Lighter, Faster, Limited...

These are limited edition vehicles based on the Ferrari 812 SuperFast albeit dialed up and tweaked many notches. Available to a select few, we heard they are already all sold out! That's crazy town, but most likely true and also not surprising given Ferrari's loyal following and the fact that most Ferrari buyers own several models.


7 Cool Things About The 812 Competiziones:

Naturally aspirated V12 Engine

As we mentioned in our Porsche GT3 Post, these types of engines are a dying breed. Just about everything has gone turbocharged with small displacement and now engines are going one step further - switching entirely to hybrid or electric. That alone makes this a collector's dream.

9,500 RPM Redline

Almost everything about the V12 was been reworked, perhaps the most astonishing of those results is the 9,500 RPM redline. Can you imagine the thrust and what that's going to sound like full send?

Slip Slide Control (SSC) with 4 Wheel Steering

That just sounds awesome. This is a new tech for Ferrari and I can't even fathom how well it must work in the corners for an already amazing handling vehicle.

The Flying Buttress Concept

This design style was used to make a beautiful Targa: AKA the 812 Competizione A - which is the Targa Version of this car.

Limited Run

If your going to get a Ferrari, why not get one that's even more limited than already owning a supercar. Me, I'll take any....

7 Years Maintenance

These cars are expensive. Really expensive, but they are also expensive to maintain - so its cool to at least see that maintenance is included for 7 years - even if its built into the high price already.

Check out that interior....

Learn more here:


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