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Watch the New 911 GT3 Get Driven On Track By Chris Harris

We've discussed the New 992 Generation GT3 on Carsartcoffee before. Most recently we shared our post about the configurator where you can build your own. Today we see one of the first actual reviews of the vehicle and from none other than Chris Harris of Top Gear.

"I'm Gonna Miss These Things"

Chris says it best in his review. Cars like this are definitely a dying breed. As electric and hybrid vehicles come to us in droves, rarely will we see production and development of new naturally aspirated vehicles like this.

"Race Car For The Road"

Its true, although he says its cliche - that also sums it up best. The GT3 is the car you can drive to your track day - wring it out - then drive home - with zero issues. Not the fastest sports car, not the flashiest either, but definitely a scalpel for the job and it is loud.

Watch Chris Harris Here: GT3 Review


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