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How to cook the best meat...everytime.

Introducing MEATER. The best wireless cooking thermometer that connects to your phone via bluetooth and can work up to distances of 165 ft. away.

Why do I need one?

Ever ruined a meal before because it was over or undercooked? Whether you are entertaining others, or solo, why not have one of these and take the guessing and anxiety out of it? Why not get the temperature of your meat right every time. Plus, ruining meats by cooking them incorrectly can be a costly mistake.

How does it work?

Cooking thermometers have come so far in technology and they just keep getting better. Put a smart probe into a cut of meat and set the temperature you want on the app, then let it cook and monitor it via bluetooth on your phone from up to 165ft away.

Anything else?

There are certainly a lot in the market to choose from, but the MEATER offers wireless tech that ditches tangly wires. If you love to cook - get one.


  • Wireless via bluetooth

  • Provides estimated cook times

  • Monitor different cuts (with multiple probes)

  • App controlled from Apple or Google Play

  • Works with Alexa

  • Use in oven, stovetop, grill, smokers and more...

  • Dual sensors

  • Works up to 165 ft away

  • Bamboo Charger Dock with magnetic backing



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