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ZERO LABS: Electric Classics

Zero Labs Remakes The Past For The Future

Coming in 2021...

Zero Labs says they are: The World's first complete electric platform made specifically for transforming existing classic vehicles.

What does that mean?

You can choose an older vehicle such as a vintage Ford Bronco or Land Rover Series III and have it custom rebuilt into an almost entirely new electric vehicle.

What do we think?

We love it. Whats not to love - except the price, but we do understand there is a tremendous amount of custom work, machining and R&D to pull off a quality product like this. Plus, they back it. We look forward to learning more and hope to drive one soon.

For now, it reminds us of an ICON 4X4 (but with its own style) and an electric chassis!

From Zero Labs

7 Details We Found Interesting:

1. They come with a 250 Mile/30 Day Return Guarantee.

What other car company does that?

2. Each Zero Labs Vehicle comes with a 2 year full repair warranty and a 4 year/50,000 mile regular warranty.

Thats impressive for such custom vehicles.

3. They Convert Anything.

Zero Labs will perform bespoke builds on any vehicle using their design and engineering team and meld it with their electric platform technology. That includes Porsche 911's, Muscle Cars, Pickup Trucks and Unimogs!

4. Independent Front and Rear Suspension.

5. Perfect 50/50 balance.

6. 600 Horsepower and upgradeable battery technology.

7. Modern Controls

These are very new and there is a lot to learn. Carsartcoffee will keep you updated as news comes in. For now, you can learn more from the link and video below. And if you're lucky enough to be ordering one in the FALL, please tell us about it.


Learn More:


Or View a Video From Zero Labs Here:


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