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The Best Surround Sound System For Your Home Theater

So Many Choices

Years ago I had a decent grasp on the TVs and Surround Sound. Fast forward 20 years as I walk around Best Buy - one of my favorite stores - and I feel overwhelmed by the current selection and my outdated knowledge base. Searching online didn't help either, so I tried another approach.

I reached out to my friend and expert, Terry at TCS Communications, for a real life recommendation, because one thing that hasn't wavered over the years, is my love for relaxing with some screen time at the end of a long day.

The Need For An Upgrade

My surround system was fairly nice at the time of purchasing it, but now its outdated, oversized and lacks the sound quality that I can only assume has improved over the past 15-20 years.

By sound quality I'm especially referring to the dialogue of the actors which always seems too quiet in comparison to the rest of the "noise" in the show. You know the scenario, you can't hear the voices, so you turn the volume WAY UP, but that makes it too loud.

Annoying, right?

So what is the Best Overall Sound System right now?


Sonos has been making some cool stuff for a while now - mainly wireless smart speakers. With that, they keep improving the recipe and last year they released the Arc Sound Bar.

8 Reasons Why We Like The Sonos ARC:

Clear Dialogue with 11 Drivers

Arc was designed by Oscar Winning Sound Engineers to emphasize character voices. You can even turn on Speech Enhancement to further clarify character dialogue! This is what we were looking for.

Try it for 45 Days + Free Shipping!

Sonos is so sure you will love the products they sell, they'll ship it to you for free and let you try it for 45 days in your home. Then if you aren't satisfied, you can send it back for free!

Expandable System

You can buy the Arc Sound Bar on its own for around $799, then upgrade by adding the subwoofer and rear speakers later - but it may not be needed. Want more? You can add speakers into any room and connect them to the one system - wirelessly, of course.


Perhaps one of the coolest features - if not the coolest - is that this system is wireless. Speaker wires that is, they still have a power cord, but that's no big deal, its always been the speaker wires that are most annoying.

Voice Control

Voice Control is built in to the Arc with a privacy button. This includes Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

3D Sound With Dolby Atmos

This is movie theater stuff people.

True Play Tuning - Auto Adjusting

Automatically enhances your personal system to adapt to the room that you place it in based on its specific acoustics. NOTE: I had to manually set mine up years ago through a cheesy app and I'm sure I did it wrong.

Expert Recommended

When a guy that installs $200,000 sound systems tells you to buy a specific sound bar - you listen.

So we did.


Buy it now at:



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