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The Best Looking Solar Roof Solution, By A Mile.

What are they?

In our humble opinion, there is no contest. If you're going with a solar powered roof solution then this is it. Tesla found a gorgeous architecture alternative to the current solar panels you see in the market today. These are solar roof shingles that eliminate the need for adding solar panels atop your existing roof. This replaces your entire roof with an all in one solution.

Doesn't Tesla Make Solar Panels Too?

Yes, Tesla also makes their own solar panels, and they are good looking alternatives to other panels out there. But these are a different breed of solar solution that actually includes the necessary tech right in the roof shingles themselves!

Key Highlights of Solar Roof V3.0:


Actually complement your homes look and architecture. No need to have a roof and solar panels. This is an all-in-one solution that looks amazing. Maybe even better than most regular roofing shingles. Plus the accessories such as the power wall look gorgeous.

Save Money:

Power your home at the lowest rate and have it pay for itself (tesla). Especially if you are already replacing your roof!

Extremely Durable:

3x stronger that standard roofing tiles with a 25 year warranty!

Trusted Install: All done by Tesla. From removal of your old roof to the install of the new one.

Maximum Solar Production:

Tesla uses its own technologically advanced Solar Inverter and provides OTA-Over The Air Software Updates.

Tesla Phone App:

Monitor your energy from your phone.

Tesla Powerwall:

With stored energy in the Tesla Powerwall you have power when you want it - even during an outage. So no more loud backup generators? Become one step closer to power independence.


What else should I know?

We have been interested in these for a long, long time. Now with Version 3.0 Tesla has had about 4 years in the market and this may be the time to invest in them - especially if you need a new roof. According to a recent story in electrek Tesla recently upped the pricing for its Solar Roof in their configurator - which is to be expected as they keep revising it.

We wish we could provide a direct review for these, but we don't own the Solar Roof - yet. However, if I were replacing my roof shingles at this very moment, I would strongly consider this solution and most likely move forward with it. Either way, check them out now!



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